We are a cooperative of 10,044 small holder expert coffee farmers. We live and farm on the misty ridges and in the lush upland valleys of Africa's largest, extinct volcano: the majestic Mt. Elgon in Eastern Uganda.




To Sustainably improve the livelihoods of our Members.

We will strive to bring benefits to our communities by working together across the supply chain and by producing the best cup quality

To be a Benchmark in the Specialty Coffee World.

At first we were just a group of farmers in an unregistered association, but we made quick progress.

In 2003 we were registered as a new co-operative union, with the aim of making sustainable improvements to the livelihoods of our members by selling their coffee in the most advantageous markets.

Farm Washed Coffee

We make sure the coffee does not come in contact with dust or any other thing which can contaminate it. Having reached moisture 13 from the sun, itís then packed in clean bags and transported.

Washing Station Coffee

Due to the need to supply high and consistent quality coffee to our buyers, we have setup 3 bigger coffee washing stations

Women's Coffee

Our women's coffee project is enabling us to achieve greater equality in our relationships and helping us to shape our futures. Many of us now have a proportion of the family land in our right for the first time and we are also members of Gumutindo.

Climate Resilient Coffee

We are committed to producing the best quality coffee in a sustainable way. We are adapting by planting trees to help to protect against landslides

Our Coffees

We grow arabica coffee of traditional East African varieties, (SL14, SL28 and Nyasaland commonly known as Bugisu local).

Unlike many producers of washed arabica coffee, we do the work ourselves on our own farms, and we take great pride in our ability to produce world-beating quality without using wet-processing factories or estate-based systems.

Our Board

Gumutindo Board comprises of 9 Elected Leaders from all the 12 Primary Societies.

This is usually done at the Annual General Meeting as per Cooperative laws.

Wonaile Patrick


Oliver Kishero

Vice Chairperson

Kigai George


Florence Wakooba


Magombe Edward


Wabuyi Difasi


Chabo Robert


Gorret Nandala


Nakami Aidah


Working together to benefit everyone